Developing new ways to predict the brain

We design intelligent algorithms to monitor and predict brain states for medical care and prevention

Brain monitoring and prediction

Intelligent algorithms to improve the clinical practice

We develop intelligent algorithms to monitor and predict the brain states for medical care and prevention. The main applications are dedicated to optimal control of anesthesia and predicting the outcome of various types of comas.

Algorithms are based on a cutting edge EEG signal processing, computational neuroscience modeling, artificial intelligence and classification methods. By predicting the states of the brain, it will now be possible to prevent a too deep anesthesia and to create a personalize dose infusion. With these new tools of brain predictions and intelligent guidance, sensitive patients such as children and elderly will have an insurance of a minimal post anesthetic complications.

SignalMed+ is a French startup emerging from École Normale Supérieure, CNRS, APHP Lariboisière Hospital, Université Paris Cité and INSERM, cofounded by a computer scientist, a neurophysiologist clinician, a businessman and an applied mathematician.

Meet our team

The founders

A team with multiple talents

Armelle Roussac


Armelle has worked for over 15 years in the marketing and sales of neurological medical devices. After several years with a Paris-based eye-tracking start-up, she joined a Swiss distributor of neurodiagnostic devices as Sales Director. She then returned to France to help young medtech start-ups develop their sales strategy.

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David Holcman

Scientific Director

David is research director at École Normale Supérieure in Paris. He is an expert in mathematics and engineering for modeling and analysis of biological data. With his research group, he developed an interdisciplinary approach to study and model the brain, from the neuron to the different cortical areas. He received numerous international awards for his career, including a Marie Curie Award and ERC Consolidator and Avanced Grants.

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Nathalie Kubis

Medical Director

Nathalie is an expert in neuroscience and neurophysiology. She is professor (PUPH) at Université Paris Cité and head of the Clinical Physiology Department at Lariboisière Hospital (Paris), and she is co-director of INSERM team “Hemostasis, Thrombo-Inflammation and Neuro-Vascular Repair“ at the Laboratory of Vascular Translational Science (UI1148, Bichat Hospital, Paris). Her research is focused on cerebral plasticity, with a clinical and pre-clinical approach.

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Daniel is a software engineer who worked for several years in correlation with various governmental entities of the Israeli state, specializing in software development, product management and system engineering. With a passion for entrepreneurship, he is involved in other SaaS ventures and projects, specializing in products for deeptech (developers and researchers).

Partners & support

Our supporting partners

SignalMed+ is incubated at Paris Biotech Santé and supported by research institutions and startup organizations.

Paris Biotech Santé
AP-HP Nord University Paris Cité
University Paris Cité
HEC Challenge +
La French Tech

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